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The VISS Student

VISS students experience and develop in their journey at VISS  both academically and personally through a holistic approach to learning.

With an emphasis on the nurturing and educating the whole child using a solid curriculum, with a social and civic responsible approach, diversity, tolerance and understanding. We work with our students to help each one of them reach their full potential in every regard. We are proud of what our students both past and present have achieved.

​Our rigorous curriculum provides plenty of opportunity to challenge and engage our students. VISS will also offer an extensive range of wellbeing, community, physical and recreational co-curricular activities.


All students at VISS participate in the local and wider community in a range of activities, such as supporting the Student Representative Council (SRC) charity fundraising, celebration day and them days in school, and working with our partner charities. VISS encourages all students to be involved in these activities, either as individuals or as part of a team to enhance their personal and interpersonal development, as well as their social and civic contribution.

The VISS Journey
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